Dear Game Developer,

We are populating our database of educational games with nearly a thousand curriculum aligned games and we need your help to make this massive project happen. We’ll give you the concepts you need to teach inside your game, and you decide how to make the best game to teach them.

Know how to teach the “Photosynthesis” Learning Objective with a side-scroller? Great! Think you can make an awesome tower defense game to teach the “Newton’s First Law” Learning Objective? Go for it!

Whether you are an independent studio that can make one game during our three month sprint, or a 100-person company that can deliver 50 games in that time, we want to work with you! We pay for each game, including an up-front fee upon contract signing (see video to the right).

We’ve worked with dozens of studios already, and here is what they have to say.

Curious what kind of games we are looking for? Here are some examples from several different “Andrew Jackson” Learning Objectives.

Want to see what kinds of materials we provide for each Learning Objective? Check out the Learning Objective Concept Document and Supplemental Materials for the Photosynthesis Learning Objective.

Come join us to revolutionize how kids learn.

Don your cape,

Vadim Polikov,

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See what others have to say about about Legends of Learning:

Todd Marks
Mindgrub Games

Greg Aring
Seven Hills Games

Andrei Shulgach
Fractured Games

Eliot Carney-Seim
KiteLion Games, LLC

Jeremy Bregerman
Luna Wolf Studios

Kris Fosh

My name is Lydia Kovalenko, I am the owner of LKMAD, and I make point and click puzzle adventure games for a living. I must admit that when I first heard about this opportunity I was skeptical, because it seemed too good to be true. My concerns however were completely unfounded, and I had a great time producing a game for Vadim. We were not constricted in any way in terms of creative direction. We were allowed to experiment and come up with new ways of teaching a topic of our choosing. We were compensated very fairly and without any delay or problems.

The entire process was very relaxed and Vadim was always available to help with any questions or concerns that we had. I enjoyed creating the game so much that I recently signed on for two more and I’m excited for the work ahead. The best part about this, is that what we create will help shape young minds and take education in a whole new direction where learning is done through active rather than passive activities!

Lydia KovalenkoLKMAD

Very nice to work with! We were able to push our development skills to new limits while also learning about the subjects. We have done other commissions for companies in the past but this one by far was the best experience. If there were any question or issues, we received a prompt response.

It sounded too good to be true at first, but we were already doing something too good to be true for a living for several years and together, it turned out great! Also, we were glad to directly help children learn using new tools and methods

Lora WhiteMagisoft

Working for Vadim has been a blast. Making a bunch of games in a short time was a challenge, but as we pulled it off, our team got closer together and we learned to work more efficiently.
The opportunity to teach a lot of children essential information, and to help them learn for their upcoming exams, is a way for us to make the world a little bit better.

Yoeri StaalStaal Media

This project helped us as a small studio gain experience in creating small educational games. We especially appreciate the amount of creative freedom we had.

Andrea WozniakIndependent Game Developer

Working with Vadim was a great experience. We had complete creative freedom to try new ideas for educational games. He provided everything we needed, helped us with any issues that came up, and the project was funded with prompt payment. In a broader scope, feedback in the form of the metrics gathered on all the experiments provided valuable information for future projects. It was an overall excellent experience.

Thomas PhillipsBenxing Entertainment

Think you can face our challenge?
This is the typical level of quality!

Please note, these games were made in our previous work for Android tablets and were not optimized for WebGL. They may take up to a minute to load.

Trail of Tears
Pure Bang

Password: bird

Game of Shows
Kris Fosh

Password: star

Rise of Populism
Staal Media

Password: n/a

Trail of Tears
Andrea Wozniak

Password: bird

Andrew Jackson VS The 2nd BUS
Lydia Kovalenko

Password: star


Password: apple

So you’d like to join us?

Below you can download our concept document and additional resources for one of the Learning Objectives we are creating games for – in this case the LO is for Photosynthesis.

I know what you’re thinking, I could make a GREAT game to help students learn all about Photosynthesis – then YOU are the developer we are looking for!

Can’t wait to hear from you!